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Project Description Owner Last Change
libstick.git A C++ library for persistent... Stefan Huber 5 years ago
pgp-tools.git A clone of pgp-tools at http... Stefan Huber 6 years ago
shutils.git A collection of homebrewn... Stefan Huber 37 hours ago
persistence.git A collection of persistent... Stefan Huber 2 years ago
pygdb.git A pygtk interface between... Stefan Huber 6 years ago
smailq.git A simple mailq for lightweight... Stefan Huber 4 years ago
sitarba.git A simple tar-based backup... Stefan Huber 23 months ago
runfinite.git A tiny tool to limit runtime... Stefan Huber 12 years ago
paralleljobs.git A tool to process jobs in... Stefan Huber 7 years ago
joydevmap.git A tool to setup axis- and... Stefan Huber 3 years ago
io_import_off.git An ugly written Blender addon... Stefan Huber 7 years ago
echo-analysis.git Echolot-like analysis using... Stefan Huber 21 months ago
vimconf.git My personal vim configuration Stefan Huber 2 days ago
shuber-gentoo-overlay.git Stefan Huber's gentoo overlay. Stefan Huber 2 weeks ago
ipestuff.git Stuff (stylesheets, scripts... Stefan Huber 35 hours ago