9 days ago Stefan Huberifonline: Check for default route master
2019-06-12 Stefan HuberAdd ifonline
2019-06-12 Stefan Hubernextcloud: Add nc-inotify-sync
2018-12-21 Stefan Hubermutt: Update colors-gruvbox-shuber
2018-11-20 Stefan Hubertmux: mouse off, xterm-256color
2018-10-10 Stefan Hubergit: update gitconfig
2018-09-04 Stefan Hubertmux: Set term to tmux-256color
2018-09-04 Stefan HuberAdd tmux conf
2018-08-26 Stefan Hubermutt: Add gruvbox colorscheme
2018-08-25 Stefan HuberRemove vim dotfiles
2018-08-25 Stefan HuberFeatures by Gerhard
2017-06-08 Stefan Huberoe1archive: Fix version
2017-06-07 Stefan HuberAdd
2017-03-18 Stefan Hubernagios: Fix check_rdns return codes
2017-01-29 Stefan Hubervim: Updates
2016-03-18 Stefan Hubervim: Use FSwitch plugin
2016-02-29 Stefan HuberAdd dnssec/gentlsa
2016-02-22 Stefan Hubervim: Minor vimrc tweaking
2016-02-21 Stefan Hubervim: Make vimrc neovim compatible
2015-06-13 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-06-12 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-06-12 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-06-11 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-06-11 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-06-11 Stefan Hubervim: update
2015-04-13 Stefan Hubervim: Update vimrc
2015-04-01 Stefan Huberdotfiles: gitconfig update
2015-04-01 Stefan Huberdotfiles vim: update
2015-02-24 Stefan Huberconky: update config
2014-11-24 Stefan Hubervim: Update config files and scripts
2014-08-07 Stefan Huberbib2html: adding DOI, pimping formatting
2014-03-05 Stefan Hubervim: update colors/shuber-wombat.vim
2014-02-05 Stefan Huberudev: Add usb_xprofile script and rule
2014-02-05 Stefan Do not work on current console
2014-02-05 Stefan HuberMoving X scripts to dedicated dir
2014-01-28 Stefan Hubergit: pre-commit-texcheck shall not create file "0"
2014-01-14 Stefan Hubersystemd: Add tor unit file
2014-01-13 Stefan Hubergit: less verbose pre-commit-texcheck
2014-01-13 Stefan Hubergit: update pre-commit-texcheck
2014-01-05 Stefan Hubersystemd: do not set thinkpad ACPI mask to 0xf..f
2014-01-05 Stefan Huberacpi: Update scripts and handlers
2014-01-05 Stefan Hubersystemd: Add thinkpad-acpi-setup
2014-01-05 Stefan Hubersystemd: Update service files
2014-01-04 Stefan HuberAdd iptables systemd units
2014-01-04 Stefan HuberAdding smapi set battery scripts
2014-01-04 Stefan HuberRemove
2014-01-03 Stefan Hubermp-play: Update
2014-01-03 Stefan HuberAdd
2013-12-13 Stefan Hubergit pre-commit hook for tex checking
2013-11-10 Stefan Hubermp-play: use mpv, play m4a
2013-11-09 Stefan HuberAdd
2013-11-09 Stefan Huberpostpone: recall timestamp of postponed message
2013-11-09 Stefan Huberpostpone: add match_prefix setting
2013-11-08 Stefan Huberweechat: add postpone 2013-01-03
2013-11-07 Stefan Hubercheck_rdns: minor update
2013-11-07 Stefan Hubernsd: add nsd-incrserial
2013-11-07 Stefan Hubercheck_rdns: minor change
2013-11-06 Stefan Hubernagios: add check_rdns
2013-11-05 Stefan Huberx220-acpi: bashifiction
2013-11-05 Stefan Huberx220-acpi: updating
2013-11-05 Stefan Huberx220-acpi: Add acpi event scripts for Lenovo X220
2013-11-05 Stefan Hubervim: add include guards to C/C++ header files
2013-10-16 Stefan HuberAdd
2013-10-15 Stefan Hubervim: reactivate all STL idents for prepending
2013-10-12 Stefan Hubervim: extend PrependSTLNamespace()
2013-10-12 Stefan Hubervim: refactor PrependCppNamespaceToIdent
2013-10-12 Stefan Hubervim: restructuring vimrc
2013-10-06 Stefan Huberlibreoffice-gpg: move to office-gpg, add cfg file
2013-10-06 Stefan HuberMoving paralleljobs to dedicated repo
2013-10-06 Stefan Huberparalleljobs: adapting usage text
2013-08-02 Stefan Hubernsd: Add dnssec signing
2013-04-27 Stefan Huberparalleljobs: add useful examples help text
2013-04-27 Stefan HuberAdding -v, -w and -s options
2013-04-26 Stefan HuberAdd a parallel job processing tool
2013-04-17 Stefan Hubervim: add mail and tex snippets
2013-04-17 Stefan Hubervim: use snipmate, remove hand-made tex snippets
2013-04-17 Stefan HuberDisable syntastic for HTML
2013-04-09 Stefan HuberAdd a simple script that checks some VPS parameters
2013-03-27 Stefan Hubervim: add showcolors
2013-03-27 Stefan Huberupdate vimrc
2013-03-19 Stefan Huberdotfiles: rename shell confs and add
2013-03-19 Stefan Huberupdate printPublicIp
2013-03-15 Stefan Huberupdate zshrc
2013-03-15 Stefan Huberupdate zshrc
2013-01-10 Stefan HuberAdding
2013-01-07 Stefan Hubermp-play: use getopt to parse args
2013-01-07 Stefan Hubervim: move filedetection to .vim/ftdetect/ files
2013-01-06 Stefan Hubervim: add weechatlog syntax file
2012-12-24 Stefan Huberzshrc: eliminate file access on precmd()
2012-12-24 Stefan Huberzshrc: do not vcs_info in autofs mountpoints
2012-12-17 Stefan Hubervim: updates
2012-12-06 Stefan Hubervim: check for .*vimrc-local files before loading
2012-12-06 Stefan Huberzshrc: update to use 256 colors
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervim: colorscheme supports diffAdded/diffRemoved
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervim: new colorscheme, also for terminal vim
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervim: update colorscheme
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervim: colorscheme update, mail scissors
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervimrc: update tabstop settings
2012-12-05 Stefan Hubervimrc: add detectindent
2012-12-04 Stefan Huberremove sthu file