2014-11-27 Stefan HuberUse scomplex throughout rather than simplcompltype master v0.2
2014-11-27 Stefan HuberAdd diagram_point::get_persistence(order, func)
2014-11-27 Stefan HuberFix persistence comp. in interpret_persistence()
2014-11-27 Stefan Hubercmake: Replace libstick by ${PACKAGE_STRING}
2014-11-27 Stefan HuberFactor out simplicial_function
2014-11-27 Stefan HuberChange to version 0.2
2014-11-27 Stefan Huberpkg: remove version from include/libstick-0.1/ libstick-0.1.y v0.1
2014-11-26 Stefan Huberpkg: Install as libstick-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.pc
2014-11-24 Stefan HuberSanitize index check
2014-11-24 Stefan HuberAdd simplicial_complex::randomize_order()
2014-11-21 Stefan Hubertests: Choose different triangulation for ssring
2014-11-21 Stefan HuberBe more verbose in interpret_{reduc., pers.}()
2014-01-14 Stefan Huberbooleanvector: Use isempty() instead of size()==0
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberUse boolean_vector in boolean_matrix
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberWhite space editing in booleanmatrix.h
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberAdd boolean_vector classes
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberAdd simplex_order::get_complex()
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberAdd simplicial_complex::clear()
2014-01-14 Stefan Huberinterpret_reduction(): Show simplex value
2014-01-14 Stefan Huberpkg-config: adapt include dir
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberAdd persistence::get_order()
2014-01-14 Stefan HuberRemove obsolete ::reduce_boundary_matrix()
2013-11-20 Stefan HuberUse more efficient colmatrix-based reduction
2013-11-20 Stefan HuberMove persistence checking code to unit tests
2013-11-20 Stefan HuberUpdating pkg-config file
2013-11-20 Stefan HuberRenaming Simplex to simplex
2013-11-20 Stefan HuberAdd image to simplex conversion code
2013-11-14 Stefan Huberbuild: set default build type, fix pkg-config file
2013-11-12 Stefan HuberDo not create dummy shared lib
2013-11-12 Stefan HuberEnable ctest, fix exit status of tests/tests
2013-11-12 Stefan HuberRemove src/
2013-11-12 Stefan HuberAdd computaton of persistence diagrams
2013-11-12 Stefan HuberAdd tests for matrix reduction of complex examples
2013-11-11 Stefan HuberCoding style cleanup
2013-11-11 Stefan HuberAdd matrix reduction code
2013-11-11 Stefan HuberAdd booleanmatrix and simplicialcomplex
2013-11-04 Stefan Huberinitial commit