descriptionA pygtk interface between gdb and gvim
ownerStefan Huber
last changeSun, 8 Sep 2013 18:02:22 +0000 (20:02 +0200)
2013-09-08 Stefan HuberAdd LICENSE master
2013-09-08 Stefan HuberAdd gdbWriteConfig()
2008-07-21 Stefan Huberupdate feature request
2008-07-04 Stefan Huberharden breakpoint parsing v0.99.4
2008-07-04 Stefan Huber- Changed backtrace view to a treeview
2008-06-26 Stefan Hubernew feature request
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing bug in breakpoint detection
2008-06-26 Stefan Hubernew feature request
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing endless loop bug v0.99.3
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing pygdbdir bug
2008-06-25 Stefan Huberfix bug in INSTALL.txt
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberfix warnings due to pychecker
2008-06-23 Stefan Hubercope with pressing esq when entering client cmd v0.99.2
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberonly load python in vimrc when opening c,cpp files
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberpygdb takes vim-servername as parameter. vim communicat...
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberpygdb saves command now
12 years ago v0.99.4 - Hardening and fixing bug in break...
12 years ago v0.99.3 bug fixes
12 years ago v0.99.2 - Adding scrollbars to terminals...
12 years ago v0.99.1 Some fixings, some features like...
12 years ago v0.99.0 First pre-release of v1.0.0, first...
7 years ago master
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