2013-09-08 Stefan HuberAdd LICENSE master
2013-09-08 Stefan HuberAdd gdbWriteConfig()
2008-07-21 Stefan Huberupdate feature request
2008-07-04 Stefan Huberharden breakpoint parsing v0.99.4
2008-07-04 Stefan Huber- Changed backtrace view to a treeview
2008-06-26 Stefan Hubernew feature request
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing bug in breakpoint detection
2008-06-26 Stefan Hubernew feature request
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing endless loop bug v0.99.3
2008-06-26 Stefan Huberfixing pygdbdir bug
2008-06-25 Stefan Huberfix bug in INSTALL.txt
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberfix warnings due to pychecker
2008-06-23 Stefan Hubercope with pressing esq when entering client cmd v0.99.2
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberonly load python in vimrc when opening c,cpp files
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberpygdb takes vim-servername as parameter. vim communicat...
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberpygdb saves command now
2008-06-23 Stefan Huberadding scrollbars for terminals
2008-06-15 Stefan Huberchange from BufRead to Filetype in install notes
2008-06-14 Stefan Huberupdating feature request list v0.99.1
2008-06-13 Stefan Huberfixed but about cond. breakpoint detection (?)
2008-06-13 Stefan Huberstep out button
2008-06-13 Stefan Hubershow backtrace in source view
2008-06-13 Stefan Huberpushing vim in edit-mode when updating values
2008-06-13 Stefan HuberOverwrite breakpoints when launching pygdb from vim...
2008-06-13 Stefan Huberpygdb does not save exec-line when quitting.
2008-06-13 Stefan Huberfixing bug: parsing cond. breakpoint
2008-06-13 Stefan Hubernew feature requests
2008-06-12 Stefan Huberadding auto-load-config of vim when pygdb gets re-activated
2008-06-12 Stefan Huberadding a feature request file v0.99.0
2008-06-11 Stefan Hubersome help file changes
2008-06-11 Stefan Huberpygdb now saves absolute breakpoint paths
2008-06-11 Stefan Huberremoving module init file; doing some chmod
2008-06-11 Stefan Huberwhen clicking on view-btn vim is loaded with GDBLoadCon...
2008-06-11 Stefan HuberAdding a source view
2008-06-11 Stefan Huber- pygdb saves current executed line
2008-06-11 Stefan HuberFixing synchro problems and exit status problems
2008-06-11 Stefan Huberchanged some stuff of active/inactive detection
2008-06-11 Stefan HuberMAJOR CHANGE!
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberadded an install info
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberrewriting DbgTerminal.contents_changed. Much better now
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberfix bug: open non-open files in vim
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberadded a vim load-config feature
2008-06-10 Stefan Hubersome code beautifying: __waitForPrompt
2008-06-10 Stefan Hubersome code beautifying incl. waitForRx
2008-06-10 Stefan Hubersimplify DbgTerminal.contents_changed
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberremoved exit(-1) since no configs are saved then
2008-06-10 Stefan Huberfixing bug, when getting text from terminal: started...
2008-06-10 Stefan Huber- moving pygdb path to .gvimrc
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberfixing bug: wrong dupl. breakpoint deleted at dbg
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberfixing breakpoint bug
2008-06-09 Stefan Hubermoved path-pruning to debugger
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberadd view file button
2008-06-09 Stefan Huber- removing path of file in vim, just the fname
2008-06-09 Stefan Huber- adapted pygdb.vim
2008-06-09 Stefan HuberDo not add multiple config entries
2008-06-09 Stefan Hubernew feature: selecting on breakpoint sets entry-ctrl...
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberremembering window sizes
2008-06-09 Stefan Huber- Fixed bug when bp is set on same addr
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberremoved a print and added another
2008-06-09 Stefan Huber- fixing problem of destroying windows -> segfault
2008-06-09 Stefan Huberadding first vim code+
2008-06-09 Stefan Huber- fixing ssh problem
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberextracting a launchDebugger code
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberadding a callable facade pygdb
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberreducing font size of terminals; push buttons to top
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberadding updating of breakpoint list
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberadded watches and status line
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberadded missing main control window
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberre-added child-exited handler of gdb-terminal
2008-06-08 Stefan Huberclean up of files and chmod
2008-06-08 Stefan Hubernew exciting GTK Main Control Window
2008-06-07 Stefan HuberMajor change: Discovered the vte.Terminal class and...
2008-06-02 Stefan Huberadded functions for getting dbg replies
2008-06-02 Stefan Huberinitial commit with a little terminal code to gdb