descriptionA collection of homebrewn tools.
ownerStefan Huber
last changeFri, 7 May 2021 06:41:29 +0000 (08:41 +0200)
4 days ago Stefan Hubertmux: Update config master
8 days ago Stefan Huberoe1archive: Move into dedicated repo
2021-02-18 Stefan Huberstarship: Update config
2021-02-16 Stefan Hubermutt: Move gruvbox colorscheme into own repo
2021-02-11 Stefan Huberzsh: Update zshrc and starship configs
2021-02-10 Stefan Huberzsh: Add starship support
2021-02-10 Stefan Huberzsh: Whitespace editing
2021-02-10 Stefan Huberzsh: Update
2021-01-13 Stefan Huberupower: Restart systemd files
2020-09-30 Stefan HuberAdd latex beamer styles
2020-09-18 Stefan Hubertmux: Update config
2020-06-11 Stefan Hubersystemd: Add vidirsyncer unit and timer files
2020-06-11 Stefan Hubernextcloud: Add systemd unit file
2020-06-11 Stefan Hubernextcloud: Rename nextcloud-inotify-sync
2020-06-04 Stefan Turn into python3
2020-05-08 Stefan Hubertmux: Update config
4 days ago master