descriptionA tool to process jobs in parallel and collecting statistics.
ownerStefan Huber
last changeFri, 17 May 2013 14:50:24 +0000 (16:50 +0200)
2013-05-17 Stefan HuberRemove None in exit code stats master v1.1
2013-05-17 Stefan HuberShow exit code after jobs was processed
2013-05-17 Stefan HuberAdding exit code stats
2013-05-17 Stefan Huberincrease sqlite3 timeout
2013-05-09 Stefan Huberfix div by zero
2013-05-08 Stefan Huber-s also shows number of running jobs
2013-05-08 Stefan Hubersome usage text improvements
2013-05-08 Stefan Huberfix usage text
2013-05-08 Stefan HuberAlso print cmd when printing job no.
2013-05-08 Stefan HuberAdd option -n
2013-05-02 Stefan HuberRemoving a debug print
2013-04-28 Stefan Huberadding authorship info
2013-04-27 Stefan HuberInitial import from shutils v1.0
10 years ago v1.1
10 years ago v1.0
10 years ago master