init: Use setlocal instead of set
[vimconf.git] / plugins.vim
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberplug: Replace denite by ctrlp
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberplug: Load denite differently for nvim
2020-03-21 Stefan HuberAdd support for vim-devicons
2020-03-04 Stefan HuberAdd java support
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Disable Conque-GDB
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Adapt deoplete
2019-01-20 Stefan Huberplugin: Add vimwiki support
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberragtag: Enable ragtag for markdown, disable <C-_>
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberplugins: Switch to roryokane/detectindent
2018-10-23 Stefan Huberplugins: Move Conque-GDB to plugins.vim
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Add vim-manpager
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberdeoplete: Call UpdateRemotePlugins for vim
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Speedup startuptime by lazy load
2018-08-25 Stefan HuberFirst commit