Extend python compatibility to python-3.9
[shuber-gentoo-overlay.git] / mail-mta /
2021-01-06 Stefan Hubermail-mta/smailq: Add smailq-1.3 and smailq-9999
2021-01-06 Stefan Hubergitweb tarballs without hash in subdir
2020-12-04 Stefan Hubermail-mta/smailq: Update manifest
2020-05-14 Stefan HuberAdd missing metadata.xml
2015-10-25 Stefan HuberAdd smailq-1.2
2014-01-08 Stefan HuberAdd mail-mta/smailq-1.1
2014-01-02 Stefan Hubermail-mta/smailq: add mta use flag
2013-12-30 Stefan HuberAdd mail-mta/smailq-1.0