Add media-fonts/nerd-fonts-2.1.0
[shuber-gentoo-overlay.git] / media-fonts / nerd-fonts / metadata.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
3 <pkgmetadata>
4 <longdescription lang="en">
5 Nerd Fonts is a project that patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons).
6 Specifically to add a high number of extra glyphs from popular ‘iconic fonts’ such as Font Awesome, Devicons, Octicons, and others.
7 </longdescription>
8 <use>
9 <flag name="3270">Install Nerd-fonts-patched 3270 fonts</flag>
10 <flag name="agave">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Agave fonts</flag>
11 <flag name="anonymouspro">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Anonymous Pro fonts</flag>
12 <flag name="arimo">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Arimo fonts</flag>
13 <flag name="aurulentsansmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Aurulent Sans Mono fonts</flag>
14 <flag name="bigblueterminal">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Big Blue Terminal fonts</flag>
15 <flag name="bitstreamverasansmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Bitstream Vera Sans Mono fonts</flag>
16 <flag name="cascadiacode">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Cascadia Code fonts</flag>
17 <flag name="codenewroman">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Code New Roman fonts</flag>
18 <flag name="cousine">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Cousine fonts</flag>
19 <flag name="daddytimemono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Daddy Time Mono fonts</flag>
20 <flag name="dejavusansmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched DejaVu Sans Mono fonts</flag>
21 <flag name="droidsansmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Droid Sans Mono fonts</flag>
22 <flag name="fantasquesansmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Fantasque Sans mono fonts</flag>
23 <flag name="firacode">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Fira Code fonts</flag>
24 <flag name="firamono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Fira Mono fonts</flag>
25 <flag name="go-mono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Go-Mono fonts</flag>
26 <flag name="gohu">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Gohu fonts</flag>
27 <flag name="hack">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Hack fonts</flag>
28 <flag name="hasklig">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Hasklig fonts</flag>
29 <flag name="heavydata">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Heavy Data fonts</flag>
30 <flag name="hermit">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Hermit fonts</flag>
31 <flag name="ia-writer">Install Nerd-fonts-patched iA-Writer fonts</flag>
32 <flag name="ibmplexmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched IBM Plex Mono fonts</flag>
33 <flag name="inconsolata">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Inconsolata fonts</flag>
34 <flag name="inconsolatago">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Inconsolata Go fonts</flag>
35 <flag name="inconsolatalgc">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Inconsolata LGC fonts</flag>
36 <flag name="iosevka">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Iosevka fonts</flag>
37 <flag name="jetbrainsmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched JetBrains Mono fonts</flag>
38 <flag name="lekton">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Lekton fonts</flag>
39 <flag name="liberationmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Liberation Mono fonts</flag>
40 <flag name="meslo">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Meslo fonts</flag>
41 <flag name="monofur">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Monofur fonts</flag>
42 <flag name="monoid">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Monoid fonts</flag>
43 <flag name="mononoki">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Mononoki fonts</flag>
44 <flag name="mplus">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Mplus fonts</flag>
45 <flag name="noto">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Noto fonts</flag>
46 <flag name="opendyslexic">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Open Dyslexic fonts</flag>
47 <flag name="overpass">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Overpass fonts</flag>
48 <flag name="profont">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Pro Font fonts</flag>
49 <flag name="proggyclean">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Proggy Clean fonts</flag>
50 <flag name="robotomono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Roboto Mono fonts</flag>
51 <flag name="sharetechmono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Share Tech Mono fonts</flag>
52 <flag name="sourcecodepro">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Source Code Pro fonts</flag>
53 <flag name="spacemono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Space Mono fonts</flag>
54 <flag name="terminus">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Terminus fonts</flag>
55 <flag name="tinos">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Tinos fonts</flag>
56 <flag name="ubuntu">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Ubuntu fonts</flag>
57 <flag name="ubuntumono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Ubuntu Mono fonts</flag>
58 <flag name="victormono">Install Nerd-fonts-patched Victor Mono fonts</flag>
59 </use>
60 </pkgmetadata>