2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Add vim-manpager
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberdeoplete: Call UpdateRemotePlugins for vim
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Speedup startuptime by lazy load
2018-10-11 Stefan Huberinit: Change indent settings
2018-09-11 Stefan Huberplugins: Add Conque-GDB to plugins-local
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberSwitch to official vim-clang repo
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberAdd WONT state for org-mode
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberActivate spell check for gitcommit
2018-09-03 Stefan HuberAdd missing plug.vim
2018-08-25 Stefan HuberFirst commit