2020-03-21 Stefan HuberAdd support for vim-devicons
2020-03-04 Stefan HuberAdd java support
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Disable Conque-GDB
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Adapt deoplete
2020-02-06 Stefan Huberinit: New detectspelllang conf
2019-12-20 Stefan Huberinstall: Check for curl and git
2019-12-20 Stefan Huberreadme: Add notes on requirements
2019-10-31 Stefan Huberinit: BadWhitespace only for non-readonly
2019-10-25 Stefan Huberhighlight: Mark space-tab mix as bad
2019-10-25 Stefan Huberhightlight: Fix trailing whitespace
2019-08-02 Stefan Huberinit: Fix formatting of man pages
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: Add go settings
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: ts for tex
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: Reorganize settings
2019-03-01 Stefan Hubersyntax: Add easychair review syntax
2019-03-01 Stefan Huberftdetect: Add gnuplot.vim
2019-03-01 Stefan Hubersyntax: Add weechatlog
2019-03-01 Stefan Huberneosnippets: Add tex.snip
2019-02-13 Stefan Huberinit-local: Document plug_threads option
2019-02-13 Stefan Huberinit-local: Move stuff around
2019-01-29 Stefan Hubervimwiki: Add template files
2019-01-29 Stefan Hubermacros: Escape filename in RunPandoc()
2019-01-24 Stefan Huberkeymaps-local: Add F5 vimwiki keymap
2019-01-24 Stefan Hubergvim: Increase to 53 lines
2019-01-20 Stefan Huberplugin: Add vimwiki support
2019-01-20 Stefan Huberinit: Add numbering to formatoptions
2018-12-29 Stefan Hubermarkdown: Use python markdown implementations
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberragtag: Enable ragtag for markdown, disable <C-_>
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberplugins: Switch to roryokane/detectindent
2018-12-21 Stefan Huberpandoc: Always with --self-contained
2018-12-11 Stefan Hubermarkdown: Add pandoc generation keymap
2018-12-11 Stefan Hubermacros: Fix indentation
2018-11-23 Stefan Huberdoc: Add terminal color remark
2018-11-14 Stefan Huberplugins: Add mediawiki to plugins-local
2018-10-25 Stefan Hubervimtex: Drop keybindins
2018-10-25 Stefan Huberinstall: Print info on manpager
2018-10-23 Stefan Huberplugins: Move Conque-GDB to plugins.vim
2018-10-23 Stefan HuberUpdate
2018-10-23 Stefan HuberLet create backups
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Add vim-manpager
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberdeoplete: Call UpdateRemotePlugins for vim
2018-10-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Speedup startuptime by lazy load
2018-10-11 Stefan Huberinit: Change indent settings
2018-09-11 Stefan Huberplugins: Add Conque-GDB to plugins-local
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberSwitch to official vim-clang repo
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberAdd WONT state for org-mode
2018-09-07 Stefan HuberActivate spell check for gitcommit
2018-09-03 Stefan HuberAdd missing plug.vim
2018-08-25 Stefan HuberFirst commit