2021-03-18 Stefan Huberplugins: Kill vim-cool again
2021-03-13 Stefan Huberplugins: dd vim-repeat
2021-03-13 Stefan Huberplugins: Add vim-polyglot
2021-03-13 Stefan Huberplugins: Move around
2021-03-13 Stefan HuberUpgrade plug.vim
2021-02-18 Stefan Huberplugins: Add splice
2021-02-18 Stefan Huberplugins: Fix style
2021-02-18 Stefan HuberUpdate readme
2021-02-15 Stefan Hubersyntax: Add irssilog
2021-02-15 Stefan Huberplugins: Add conjoin
2021-02-01 Stefan Huberinstall: Cleanup info on first start
2021-02-01 Stefan Huberplugins: Switch to maintained gruvbox
2021-01-31 Stefan Huberplugins: Add vim-cool
2021-01-31 Stefan Huberinit: Packadd termdebug for c,cpp
2021-01-31 Stefan Huberinit: Update comment on termguicolors
2021-01-30 Stefan Hubergdb: Check if gdb-dashboard is installed
2021-01-30 Stefan HuberAdd support for gdb-dashboard
2021-01-30 Stefan Huberinit: Reduced gruvbox caps on linux console
2021-01-29 Stefan Huberinit: termdebug split windows
2021-01-29 Stefan Hubermacros: Add TexTableBfEntries
2021-01-29 Stefan Huberinit: fastfold for small files
2021-01-29 Stefan Hubersnippets: Update tex snippets
2021-01-29 Stefan Huberinit: New deoplete setting mechanism
2020-12-29 Stefan Huberplugins: Restore original vim-mail branch
2020-12-23 Stefan HuberSpeedup and customize (tex) folding
2020-12-23 Stefan Huberplugni: Switch from ctrlp to denite
2020-12-23 Stefan Huberkeymaps: Cleanup configuration
2020-12-23 Stefan Huberinit: Set high foldlevelstart
2020-12-23 Stefan Huberplugins: whitespace edit
2020-12-22 Stefan Huberasciidoc: Use asciidoctor plugin
2020-12-22 Stefan Huberplugins: Switch branch of vim-mail
2020-12-22 Stefan HuberUpdate plug
2020-12-22 Stefan HuberAdd asciidoc support
2020-12-18 Stefan Huberinit: Do not let vimwiki catch all markdown files
2020-12-17 Stefan Huberplugin: Add auto foldcolumn setting
2020-12-16 Stefan Huberplugin: Add and vim-startuptime
2020-12-16 Stefan Huberplugin: Add vim-mail
2020-12-16 Stefan Huberinit: Spell out options in long form
2020-12-16 Stefan Hubermail: Add fo+=o and | for block quotation
2020-12-01 Stefan Huberinit: Move guicursor fix to init-local example
2020-12-01 Stefan Huberinit: Move includeguards from keymap
2020-06-23 Stefan Update
2020-06-03 Stefan Huberinit: Enable wildmenu
2020-04-23 Stefan Huberinit: Add comment on termguicolors with mosh
2020-04-22 Stefan HuberAdd localvimrc plugin
2020-04-22 Stefan Huberinit: Reorder config lines
2020-04-18 Stefan Hubermacros: Fix OnBattery()
2020-04-18 Stefan HuberAdding editorconfig support
2020-04-18 Stefan Huberneomake: Battery-dependent config
2020-04-16 Stefan Huberxml: Add XML_reformat() function
2020-03-24 Stefan HuberMove filetype detection to files in ftdetect
2020-03-22 Stefan Huberinit: Change muttrc to neomuttrc filetype
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Turn autocmd to au
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Reenable guicursor
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Use setlocal instead of set
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Use $TERM instead of &term
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Disable devicons on term 'linux'
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberplug: Replace denite by ctrlp
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberplug: Load denite differently for nvim
2020-03-21 Stefan Huberinit: Set tabpagemax to 100
2020-03-21 Stefan HuberImprove indentation settings
2020-03-21 Stefan HuberAdd support for vim-devicons
2020-03-04 Stefan HuberAdd java support
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Disable Conque-GDB
2020-03-04 Stefan Huberplugins: Adapt deoplete
2020-02-06 Stefan Huberinit: New detectspelllang conf
2019-12-20 Stefan Huberinstall: Check for curl and git
2019-12-20 Stefan Huberreadme: Add notes on requirements
2019-10-31 Stefan Huberinit: BadWhitespace only for non-readonly
2019-10-25 Stefan Huberhighlight: Mark space-tab mix as bad
2019-10-25 Stefan Huberhightlight: Fix trailing whitespace
2019-08-02 Stefan Huberinit: Fix formatting of man pages
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: Add go settings
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: ts for tex
2019-04-08 Stefan Huberinit: Reorganize settings
2019-03-01 Stefan Hubersyntax: Add easychair review syntax
2019-03-01 Stefan Huberftdetect: Add gnuplot.vim
2019-03-01 Stefan Hubersyntax: Add weechatlog
2019-03-01 Stefan Huberneosnippets: Add tex.snip
2019-02-13 Stefan Huberinit-local: Document plug_threads option
2019-02-13 Stefan Huberinit-local: Move stuff around
2019-01-29 Stefan Hubervimwiki: Add template files
2019-01-29 Stefan Hubermacros: Escape filename in RunPandoc()
2019-01-24 Stefan Huberkeymaps-local: Add F5 vimwiki keymap
2019-01-24 Stefan Hubergvim: Increase to 53 lines
2019-01-20 Stefan Huberplugin: Add vimwiki support
2019-01-20 Stefan Huberinit: Add numbering to formatoptions
2018-12-29 Stefan Hubermarkdown: Use python markdown implementations
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberragtag: Enable ragtag for markdown, disable <C-_>
2018-12-29 Stefan Huberplugins: Switch to roryokane/detectindent
2018-12-21 Stefan Huberpandoc: Always with --self-contained
2018-12-11 Stefan Hubermarkdown: Add pandoc generation keymap
2018-12-11 Stefan Hubermacros: Fix indentation
2018-11-23 Stefan Huberdoc: Add terminal color remark
2018-11-14 Stefan Huberplugins: Add mediawiki to plugins-local
2018-10-25 Stefan Hubervimtex: Drop keybindins
2018-10-25 Stefan Huberinstall: Print info on manpager
2018-10-23 Stefan Huberplugins: Move Conque-GDB to plugins.vim
2018-10-23 Stefan HuberUpdate
2018-10-23 Stefan HuberLet create backups