2015-05-10 Matei Davidbypass argument parsing if invoked by symlink "mailq... mate-reorder
2015-05-10 Matei Davidadded "--deliver-spool" cl option
2015-05-10 Matei Davidadded "spooldir" config option
2015-05-10 Matei Davidadded "--data-dir" cl option that overrides config...
2015-05-10 Matei Davidfix printerr invocations
2015-05-08 Matei Davidadded ability to log to syslog
2015-05-08 Matei Davidlook for global configuration file under /etc
2014-04-03 Stefan Hubersendmail: switch shebang to /bin/bash
2014-03-12 Stefan Huberbug: treat mails as binary files, not as utf-8
2014-01-07 Stefan Huberbug: do not crash when To: header is not found v1.1
2013-12-30 Stefan HuberInitial commit v1.0