2015-09-25 Stefan HuberMore space for backup age in listing v2.1
2013-01-06 Stefan HuberUpdate manpage
2013-01-06 Stefan HuberFormatting
2013-01-06 Stefan HuberAdding a '-n, --dry-run' option
2012-09-21 Stefan Hubercomments, renames
2012-05-29 Stefan Hubercall tar with -v if sitarbar got --verbosity debug
2012-05-23 Stefan Hubersample conf: fix typo v2.0
2012-05-23 Stefan Huberset and epoch's name must comprise alphanum chars
2012-05-22 Stefan HuberAdd missing sitarba file v2.0-rc2
2012-05-22 Stefan HuberMerge branch 'rename'
2012-05-22 Stefan Huberrename shbackup -> sitarba
2012-05-21 Stefan Huberfix installation path of sample conf
2012-05-21 Stefan Huberrenaming shbackup to sitarba
2012-05-21 Stefan Huberupdating version number
2012-05-21 Stefan HuberConsistent sample config file style v2.0-rc1
2012-05-21 Stefan HuberConsistent usage text style
2012-05-21 Stefan HuberAdding MIT License
2012-05-21 Stefan Huberupdating sample shbackup.conf
2012-05-21 Stefan Hubermakefile: write sample conf to /usr/share/shbackup/
2012-05-21 Stefan HuberUpdating usage text and man page
2012-05-21 Stefan Hubermake tarbin configurable, move [destination] to [global]
2012-05-21 Stefan HuberMake epochs configurable with exclude patterns
2012-05-20 Stefan HuberMakefile: make manpage compilation optional v1.0
2012-05-20 Stefan Huberupdate manpage
2012-05-20 Stefan Hubershbackup.conf: removing empty lines
2012-05-17 Stefan Huberprint age of backups
2012-05-15 Stefan Hubertarp's output: clean up code
2012-05-15 Stefan HuberUsing on tarp's output
2012-05-15 Stefan HuberFix blocking bug of tar's output
2012-05-15 Stefan Huberfix logging code
2012-05-14 Stefan Huberadding logging system, added --version
2012-05-14 Stefan Huberwrite log file and print tar's stderr afterwards
2012-05-14 Stefan Huberask before making backup
2012-05-14 Stefan HuberAdd option -y, prettier output
2012-05-14 Stefan HuberBetter error handling
2012-05-14 Stefan Huberenable output of tar
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberadding man page, sample conf, makefile
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberadding epoch 'sporadic'
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberadd many cmdline options
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberrestructuring code
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberadd TODO
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberadding cmdline args
2012-05-13 Stefan Huberfilter -> list comprehension
2012-05-13 Stefan HuberInitial commit