Add sci-libs/itk-4.4.2 from science overlay
[shuber-gentoo-overlay.git] / sci-geosciences /
2013-09-09 Stefan HuberMove dev-python/imaging to virtual/python-imaging
2013-05-15 Stefan HuberAdd sci-geosciences/gmapcatcher-
2011-06-20 Stefan Huberadd gmapcatcher-
2011-04-12 Stefan Hubergmapcatcher: works with python:2.7
2010-09-14 Stefan HuberAdd Ipe tools and change Ipe homepage
2010-08-23 Stefan Huberadd sci-geosciences/gmapcatcher-
2010-08-22 Stefan Hubergmapcatcher: adding dev-python/imaging as dep
2010-08-22 Stefan Huberadding first version of sci-geosciences/gmapcatcher...